White Chocolate Cheesecake

23 Jan, 2010

Yesterday I woke up with a sudden desire to bake a white chocolate cheesecake. I have no idea why this should happen – I’m not even all that fond of white chocolate and seldom cook cheesecake, but the idea wouldn’t go away. I trawled through my cookbooks until I found something basic to work with and then set about adapting it for my favourite kitchen gadget – the Thermomix.
This recipe came from “5 of the Best” by Valli Little, an ABC delicious. cookbook and was originally for 2 10cm x 4cm springform pans. Valli suggests serving with berries, mangoes and passionfruit pulp, but next time I make it I will swirl some dark chocolate ganache through it – I have been a slave to good quality dark chocolate for most of my life and find that it improves almost anything!!
My smallest springform was 18cm x 9cm so I extended the cooking time vaguely – this could do with some fine tuning as mine was a little over-done.

For the crust –
30 gm butter
110 gm Granita biscuits
– melt butter at 70C/speed 1 for 1 minute, add biscuits, crush and mix speed 5/5 seconds
Press into prepared pan and refrigerate for 10 minutes.

75 gm white choc bits
250 gm cream cheese
110 gm caster sugar
1 egg
60 ml thin cream
– grate chocolate speed 8/5 seconds, add rest of ingredients and whizz speed 5/15 seconds.
Pour over refrigerated crust and bake in 160C preheated oven for 35 minutes. Turn off oven and allow to cool, then refrigerate until firm.


One response to “White Chocolate Cheesecake

  1. Good work – not really a chocolate person – but might make it for school.

    Good to see you enjoying your Thermomix 🙂

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